August 29, 2014 Fire Talk with Me

I recently started listening to a newer podcast on called Fire Talk with Me. It’s a limited edition show that runs through each episode of David Lynch’s masterpiece Twin Peaks, and gives the perspectives of one person who experienced the show during its inital run, Jeremy Smith, and one who’s experiencing it for the first time, Allie Goertz. They have guests on along the way, but are very good about not spoiling anything for Allie. They have currently covered the pilot and the first four episodes, releasing a new one each week.

Whether you are a total Lynch fanatic, or know nothing about Twin Peaks, this is a great podcast to supplement your viewing experience, which can stream in its entirety on Netflix, or splurge for the Blu-Ray set, complete with the prequel movie, Fire Walk with Me.

Either way I can’t recommend you watch this enough. It gives you a lot of perspective as to what shaped some of the ideas/styles of some of today’s best television shows.